Dysfunctional Sarah

Born Bad

I’ve convinced myself that evil infiltrated me when I was five, during a session of playing with an Ouija board. Really, though, evil was always all around me, able to move in and out at will. It followed me everywhere,... Continue Reading →


An Abortion Story

An abortion story Getting a grip on my mind was not attainable. I had given up, let my noose-like thoughts grip me. It was what I deserved, after all. Part of me wanted the day to be over with, the... Continue Reading →

Soul Mates and remarriage after the death of a spouse

Soul mates and remarriage after the death of a spouse. A controversial topic, I have come to discover. If you’re atheist then you don’t believe in souls-- you may be excused from reading this. Unless your goal is to mock... Continue Reading →

New, sexy bodies, make great vessels

  It’s January. When you live in the upper northeast, the lack of sun and bitter cold temps can suck you under. What a great time to write! And go to the gym to fulfill your new years resolutions, of... Continue Reading →

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