Thanks for checking out my blog!

I’m here to share my story.

On the surface I look like a normal 35 year old mother of three, four if you count my husband, which I do. Once you start scratching away at the lovely surface, you might discover a few oddities. For example, my oldest child will be 20 soon. My middle child will be 18, and my youngest, my only girl, will be 14. So if you do the math you will see I was quite young when my husband and I had our boys.

Pot head parents, sexual activity with a girlfriend in first grade, sex at 12, abortions, drugs, anger, having babies before high school, marriage at 17, adulterous behavior, and selling my soul to the devil are just a few obstacles I’ve circled around before God found me and shined me up.

These days life is rather boring, which is a good thing. My husband and our three children are floating through life in a suburban neighborhood, somewhere in Pennsylvania. A few years ago, I decided to tell my story, so I wrote a memoir. I’m still working on it but it’s in the final stages. I created this blog for the purpose of it being an arm to my memoir. In it I will share stories that may or may not be in the book, in hopes that one day my followers might be able to buy my memories.


Hope to have you around for a while😎